Bone Spiral


The idea that the spiral, like bone forms a skeletal structure underlying the many surface variations of texture, light and shadow.

Bone Spiral is a two-part sculpture. One of the parts measures 55cm x 55cm, the other 55cm x 30cm with two and one wall fixing respectively set into the back of each to receive standard wall screws. Wall screws are not supplied. The sculptures are individually made in a white marble stone finish which is frost resistant and suitable for immersion in water and is not known to be harmful to aquatic life. For other stone, colour or metallic finishes, sizes and texture variation please view our custom-made section of the website for suggestions and quotations. All sculptures can be placed on interior and exterior or garden walls. The total weight of the sculpture is approximately 16-20kg, however due to each piece being individually made, no two are exactly alike.

bone spiral

Bone Spiral from aboveBone Spiral consists of two pieces of high relief wall sculpture. Total size on wall is 55cm x 87cm.

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