What We Do


Boldstone Sculpture works with its clients in three different ways.

1) We have a Standard Range of designs each made to specific dimensions. These sculptures are made to order but there is no variation from the standard designs and sizes. This Standard Range is available in white and in a number of other finishes at additional cost.  We add new designs to our Standard Range from time to time. You can see some examples of our Standard Range in the sculptures section of this website. Our full range is available in our brochure.

2) We also produce the designs of our Standard Range in non-standard sizes. Typically this involves making larger versions of our Standard Range of designs, sometimes also with variation to their proportions. We refer to these as ‘Custom Made’ sculptures.

3) Finally we make individual ‘Commissions’. These are individually conceived sculptures, or sculpture series, often of a large size. They are designed to suit the specific context in which they will be installed and may act, for instance, as the focal point of a building entrance, the centrepiece of a garden wall or the artwork for a design-led restaurant or hotel. Most of our Commission work is based on concepts drawn from nature similar to those used in our Standard Range and Custom Made designs. Using those concepts we work with our clients to design entirely original sculpture works that suit their particular project. Having developed and agreed the design with our client we then sculpt and produce the final work of art.

For more detail of bespoke orders see the Custom Made and Commission pages. For more standard designs please order our brochure.