Installation and Technical Info


The material we use is durable, frost resistant and suitable for immersion in water. It is not known to be harmful to aquatic life. Panels and sculpture units are cast both as lightweight laminated pieces or as solid cast heavier pieces.

Each sculpture unit has one fixing, or for larger units two fixings, set into the back of the piece. The fixings are designed to receive a standard wall screw or equivalent wall anchoring. Boldstone Sculpture does not supply the wall screws.  We suggest the installer measure the distance between the fixings and take a second measurement from the top of the back of each of the sculptures to the centre of the hole in the fixing in order to gain the position for each of the wall screws. The positioning of the sculptures on a wall can be varied according to personal taste and choice. Before installing and mounting your sculptures on the wall a certain amount of measurement and planning is advised.

Wall sculptures can be painted with acrylic or oil based paints as well as dye pigments. In the same way as a wall surface or a piece of furniture needs to be prepared prior to covering it with paint, so is it necessary to prepare the surface of the sculpture for painting mediums prior to application of paint or dye.  We cannot guarantee the paint or dye you choose will adhere to the surface of our sculptures if customers have prepared the surface themselves. If you wish to have your sculptures painted or dyed a specific colour by us during their production please email us on

Sculptures placed in an external position will, over time, change slightly in appearance. For example if the sculpture is in a very moist and shady garden or is a water feature, algae may grow on the surface of the sculpture. Likewise, in an urban garden, pollution may colour the sculpture as well as lichens may grow on its surface. This can give the sculpture an aged effect, which for some people is attractive. However in order to retain the original colour of the sculpture, we advise you regularly wash the surface with a soft brush and mild detergent .  Alternatively we can seal  your sculpture with our matt sealant at the studio.  Another option is to purchase your own acrylic sealant and this can be applied to the surface to aid in the prevention of algae from taking hold.  Please enquire about our sealant and sealants at

Since these are works of art they need to be handled with care. We advise that you do not drop these sculptures, knock them on hard surfaces nor against one another.